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Call me or message me to see if I have any available puppies or if I am taking names or an upcoming littler. 


The deposit is $200, non-refundable but does transfer to my other litters, however, they are not transferable to another person. 


A puppy will not be placed on hold or reserved until a deposit is placed. 

Any deposit for a puppy will not be returned for any reason, except in the case if something were to happen to the puppy you have picked, you will have the option to get the deposit back or have the deposit applied toward my next litter, it will be the buyers choice. 

Once puppies are here I will notify everyone on my deposit waitlist, and puppies will be matched up with their new home once they are 3-4 weeks old. 


Puppies will need to be picked up at 8 weeks unless otherwise discussed. The remaining balance of the puppy is due at the time of pick up. ​

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